Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thought's on Freedom

I believe in our individual rights. I believe the spirit and letter of the law was designed and intended to offer maximum freedom with limited government intrusion. I believe I should have the right to protect myself and my loved ones from danger by any means necessary to end said danger. That said, I also believe that a person also has the right to exercise that same individual freedom by choosing not to protect themselves, and rely upon some other person’s sense of goodwill, honor or duty.

It is alarming how those that choose and are allowed to fully exercise their aforementioned freedoms, are trying to make it their business to deny me the right to exercise my own.

Lastly, freedom is not now, nor has it ever been free. When a majority of the people no longer feel the need or the desire to protect our freedoms, and they impose their will upon the rest of us, freedom swiftly begins to erode, and once lost, is nearly impossible to regain.

We need to stand for freedom, or we will die in the chains of slavery.